Are You Curious?

Maybe you've wondered what this little brand Potion23 is all about. Or perhaps you'd like to check out our awesome new studio space but don't want to feel pressured to buy something. Maybe you've been craving the chance to see our collection up close and personal before making your mind up about a purchase.

Well here's the good news, angels...

Now you can do all of that when you sign up for an in-person appointment HERE. Think of it as a casual coffee date with me, Victoria. Or maybe it's just a great excuse to meet up with your besties and do something fun after lunch on South Grand. 

Look, I understand that committing to an appointment can sound intimidating, but I can assure you that it's a fun, casual atmosphere with absolutely no pressure to buy! I know how much I personally can't stand that feeling when I walk into a store. 

Setting up appointments this way has made it easier for me to keep organized and prevent overlap with Parsimonia Vintage's appointments - which by the way, share a space with us, and you can absolutely book one with them before or after for a double whammy.

So don't be shy. We just love an excuse to geek out about what we do, and a chance to share it with you. That's why we're in this business after all!