Custom Witch Hats

If you love our Witch Hats but dream of a style that echoes your particular taste, we can make one special just for you!


The base price for each custom hat style is as follows:

  • Classic Witch Hat - $190

  • Reversible Witch Hat - $245

  • Bonnet Witch Hat - $330

  • Deco Witch Hat - $155

  • Pierrot Witch Hat - $85

*Please note that all prices include fabric from our collection, which will be selected based upon your request, and to the best of our ability. Luxury fabrics like silk cost an additional $75 per side. Specific fabrics, prints or color requests which require sourcing cost an additional supply fee and will delay shipping. Payment plans are available for all custom orders.

You will receive a more detailed estimate within 48 hours of submission.

All custom orders take approximately 14 business days to ship.


Just fill out the form below to get started: